— Choirs —


Youth Choir

Led by Sister Kyla McNeil, our Youth Choir is made up of our youngest choir members. But don’t be fooled - these children can sing! Sister Karen Alston plays as the church musician for the Youth Choir.

Male Chorus

Brother Barry Buffaloe is the president of the Male Chorus. What they lack in numbers these men make up in spirit as they praise the Lord in song. Sister Karen Alston leads as their musician.

Women’s Chorus

Our Women’s Chorus typically takes the choir stand on fifth Sundays to lead the congregation in songs, chants, and beautiful melodies to God. They sing to Sister Karen Alston’s piano music.

Senior Choir

Deacon Nellie Lewis directs the most seasoned choir members as the Senior Choir president. Our senior citizens known the songs from that old time religion, and keep before the congregation the truth of God’s faithfulness throughout ever generation. Sister Valerie Hannah leads the Senior choir on the electric organ.

Mass Choir

Brother LeVern Robinson has his work cut out for him with our largest choir, the Mass Choir. Made up of participating members from all the other choirs, the Mass Choir is a soulful match to Sister Karen Alston’s music on the ivory.


— Songs —

Songs are available as performed by St. John’s choir members. Some copyright laws may apply. Please do not reproduce, distribute, or copy any material.

If there is a specific song you are interested in and it isn’t available online, please contact the church for availability.

Title Choir Soloist(s)
Battlefield Mass Choir Levern Robinson Details
Going on with the Lord Male Chorus Freddie Mitchell Details
Gospel Worship Service Part 1 St. John's & Blacknall Details
Gospel Worship Service Part 2 St. John's & Blacknall Details
Harvest Time Male Chorus Charles Mitchell Details
It Wasn't the Nails Easter Choir Valerie Hannah Details
Lift Every Voice Women's Chorus Details
My Life is an Open Book Male Chorus Johnnie Kelly Details
O Happy Day Women's Chorus Details
Shake the Devil Off Youth Choir Details
Show Me the Way Male Chorus Desi Cooper Details
Trouble in My Way Mass Choir Levern Robinson Details
We Are Our Heavenly Father's Children Mass Choir Karen Alston Details
Why We Sing Youth Choir Details